Thursday, July 31, 2008

Snoop Dogg jumps to another bandwagon?

If you ever wondered why Snoop Dogg was nowhere to be seen on the Trojan sidelines back in 2000, he just gave everyone the answer. The 2000 Trojans stank up the place, and he only rolls with a winner. The photo tells us our Dogg is a stray, and shows up wherever anyone will feed him. Apparently, the LSU Tigers fed his championship appetite enough to wear their jersey and attend their gathering. Who says Dogg’s are faithful, loyal, and true?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and judging by the reaction, the caption of the photo could easily be “Who the f*ck is that, and why is he on my stage”. But truthfully, Les Miles is a big Snoop Dogg fan (Who Knew?). My first thought was the Dogg must be high, but isn't that a given?

But I’ll let the West Coast rapper off the hook on this one, because I understand he did it for the kids. He could have done it just as easily wearing a Trojans jersey and doing it at Tulane, but he’ll get a pass, since he did give the Trojans a shout. Without the shout and reason behind his appearance, I was preparing my “No Doggs allowed” campaign...but it's all good.

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