Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

One of the more prominent Internet bloggers has chosen to reveal his true identity. I was always under the assumption that the “Wizard of Odds” was a Professional, and not a little nobody, like myself, and I was correct. Our Wiz turns out to be Jay Christensen, an 18 year veteran of the Los Angeles Times. With the Times cutting his position, he decided to step from behind that curtain and reveal the person that has been leading college football fans home.

His blog is linked coast to coast, from AOL sports to the New York Times. It’s also linked to some of the USC Trojans sites, which led me to believe it was someone local. Either way, the man has provided some good reading and great insight. Hopeful he’ll have another gig soon. But regardless of whether or not he writes for another Major newspaper, as long as he’s writing in his blog, he’ll always have this fan.

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