Thursday, July 31, 2008

Titans release Mike Williams

I’ve said it plenty times before, only to be wrong, but I’ll say it again. Mike Williams has appeared on his last NFL roster. If he finds another GM willing to give him a shot, it would surprise me. Although Mike was great at USC, he lacked development of personality and skills, when he dumped 2 years of college eligibility to fight the NFL and attempt to squeeze into the draft as a sophomore. Everything the NFL didn’t want in a wide receiver was found in Mike Williams. He was slow, had no hands, out of shape, and had a bad attitude. It’s remarkable that he was given this many chances, but not odd, when you consider all the coaches giving him a tryout after he left Detroit were linked to USC. Maybe the next stop can be Canada or coaching on a college sideline. He has the knowledge but not the skills and tools to succeed, so he can probably assist in the development of some younger talent.

Clueless…as if….

Matt Leinart admits he was clueless in camp last year, but I think his slump had already revealed that. Matt was clearly not the same quarterback that commanded the offense under Dennis Green. Ken Whisenhunt’s offense had a different look, and he appeared lost at the line. He claims he has a better perception this year, which will enable him to command the Cards offense again in '08. If the Arizona offensive line can block anyone, it would be pretty hard for any of their QBs to fail. The cards receiving corps is one of the best in the NFL, even with Boldin disgruntled about his contract.

Keary on…

Brandon Marshall is still facing a possible NFL suspension. If a suspension comes, Keary Colbert is in a great position to showcase his talent. Mike Shanahan has been singing Colbert praises, and the former Trojan may actually be a better fit with the Donks than he was in Carolina.

Smith down but not out….

Steve Smith is struggling with a groin injury in camp, but isn’t in any danger of sliding in position. Unlike earlier reports that Smith could be threatened by Mario Manningham, that no longer appears the case. Camp has been a struggle for Mario, as he struggles to find separation against defensive backs. One of those DBs is our own Terrell Thomas, who continues to perform well. Thomas locked down Manningham in the 2007 Rose Bowl, so why should it be a surprise in Giants camp.

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