Wednesday, July 30, 2008

L.A shakes, Sedrick Breaks, and Darnell aches

Everyone is pretty aware by now that the City of Los Angeles experienced a “mild” tremor. At a measurement of 5.4 on the Richter scale, that’s enough to shake you up, but not really enough to cause serious damage. All be it, the same 5.4 would cause death and destruction in some other parts of the world, because there are no requirements for construction or building standards, such as those imposed in L.A. For that, I’m thankful to my city.

What always gets me, when the shakings occur, is how much we stress preparation. You can prepare yourself for the aftermath, but honestly, any preparation for “what to do” during a quake is faulty. There really isn’t anything you can do. Doorways collapse, don’t they? You can’t go outside, because fallen power lines pose a danger. Is your dining room table really going to protect you from that falling ceiling? The only thing you can do is ride it out and hope for the best, from wherever you are. Chances are, after 2 quick steps in any direction, the quake is already over. Some items in the house may continue to sway, but trust me, the actual tremor is about 3 seconds and done.

Saint Ellis

Six days and 12 practices later, Sedrick Ellis ends his holdout and agrees to terms with the New Orleans Saints. He’s now schedule to attend his first training camp practice today.

According to sources, Ellis’ deal is worth $49 million, with $19.5 in guarantees. Ellis’ holdout marked the longest by a Saints rookie draft pick since Devery Henderson in 2004 and Deuce McAllister in 2001. Both held out for 7 days. New Orleans picked Ellis 7th overall in last April’s draft.

Jetting out of NY

The New York Jets released former Trojan Safety Darnell Bing. The Jets represented Bing’s third NFL team in his three years in the league.

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