Thursday, July 24, 2008

McCain or Obama? Can a Song Girl swing my vote?

America will eventually have to choose a new leader of the free world, and the winner will either be Barack Obama or John McCain. But how do you decide on a candidate, since the majority of politicians are all talk, anyway? What if you had the two men in a dead heat? Is there anything that could swing your vote in one direction or another? How about a song girl or cheerleader?

Before Cindy Lou Hensley became the wife of John McCain, she was a USC co-ed. She was a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, but was she a song girl, as some sources have alleged? A couple of weeks ago, when the L.A Times ran an article about McCain joking and taking shots at his wife by calling USC the “University of Spoiled Children”, they also referenced Cindy as a cheerleader, as does Wikipedia, which is obviously incorrect.

USC had Song girls and cheerleaders, and the difference in the two is the same difference as penis and vagina. Cheerleaders were male, and Song girls are female, and I don't have access of Cindy to give her the "Crocodile Dundee" test. The confusion is understood, because the rah rah babes are often incorrectly labeled as cheerleaders. But what about the Song girl issue? Was she or wasn’t she a member of the squad? I haven’t seen any factual support for it. Two days ago, Trojanwire ran an article, with photo included, stating that the pictured song girl was Cindy Lou Hensley. But just as quickly as the article appeared, it disappeared. I take that as either (a)the photograph was a misrepresentation, (b) someone asked that it be removed, or (c) my dumb ass can’t find the article again, but it’s actually there. Seeing that so many sources are reporting about “Song Girl” McCain, but none are supplying photos, it leaves me to wonder if it’s all speculation. Cindy is a gorgeous woman, so why would she hide her Song girl pics?

But back to the opening question, about a Song girl (allegedly) swaying my vote. My answer is no, because I have no vote. And no, I’m not a minor, and I’m not blogging from a correctional facility. I’m not a U.S Citizen, so I have no choice in America’s leadership. But If I were able to vote, I would cast mine for Obama. That would leave half the readers wishing I did have a say, and the other half glad that I don’t.

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