Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Empire is now 93, 607 strong on game day

The seating capacity of the Los Angeles Coliseum has risen from 92,000 to 93,607. What this does is make another 1,607 seats available, IF you’re lucky enough to purchase them early. Still the hottest ticket in L.A., all USC home games are sold out for the 2008 season, and we’re only in July.

The high demand of fans looking to infiltrate the great walls of Troy sparked the increase. And even with over 93,000 seats available, the Coliseum still falls short of fulfilling the needs of the general public. It’s amazing, when you consider that the Raiders and Rams were unable to sell out this old dinosaur, but the amateur league does it with consistency.

There’s just something about the Trojan game day experience that keeps us wanting more. It’s the pre-game festivities, and Traveler entering the stadium to the Trojan battle cry. It’s the band and song girls. It’s the program that has protected their house so well, they’ve suffered just one loss in 7 years on their home field. It’s the constant chorus of “Fight On’, and the fan salute to victory. It’s the post-game, and the team celebrating with the student section, and players leading the band. It’s the USC football history confined to this great monument, with numbers and banners providing a constant reminder of past success.

In 2008, the Trojans are hosting Ohio State, Oregon, Arizona State, Washington, Cal, and Notre Dame.

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