Saturday, February 28, 2009

TTE's 2009 NFL Mock Draft | Version 2.0 | Updated 3/12


1.Detroit Lions- Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia
Previous: Matthew Stafford

By all indications, Daunte Culpepper is scheduled to be the starting quarterback for the Lions in 2009. Looking into the future, Detroit will select Stafford with the first overall pick and prepare him to lead the franchise by 2010. The Motor City is also in need of help on the offensive line, but equally important, they are in need of a face, which Stafford can provide. Even in the miserable years of Joey Harrington, Detroit was identified by a person. The 2008 Lions had no victories and no identity, and will look to establish both with the first pick. But keep in mind, when it comes to the overall pick in the NFL draft, it’s not always who you want or need, as much as it’s who you can sign. Tom Condon is the agent for Matthew Stafford, and his clients have often been troublesome and known for extended contract negotiations and player hold-outs.

2. St. Louis Rams- Jason Smith, OT, Baylor
Previous: Jason Smith

The obvious priority in St. Louis is at offensive tackle. For months, mock gurus had the name “Smith” penciled into the second position, and that name didn’t change, but the player did. Alabama’s Andre Smith was an early favorite to go second, but his downward spiral, combined with the postseason ascent of Baylor’s Jason Smith fills the same position with a different name. The recent release of Orlando Pace increases the priority to fill this position.

3. Kansas City Chiefs- Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest
Previous: Aaron Curry

The recent acquisition of Matt Cassel from New England likely sent mock erasers quickly in motion. Many had Mark Sanchez set to lead the Chiefs, and that’s no longer the probability. It’s not a surprise move, knowing Scott Pioli’s track record with the Patriots. Also not surprising would be the selection of Aaron Curry to bolster the linebacking corps. If The Patriots under Pioli’s guidance were known for anything, it’s the passing of early round quarterbacks, and his focus on linebackers. Both are already evident, with the recent signings of both Mike Vrabel and Matt Cassel.

4. Seattle Seahawks- B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College
Previous: B.J Raji

The acquisition of T.J Houshmandzadeh rapidly reduced the probability of the Seahawks drafting a first round receiver, which I could never see them doing to begin with, especially this high. Sitting in the 4th position, it would be difficult to pass on defensive tackle B.J. Raji, one of 2009’s draft jewels. Some were surprised with Seattle’s drafting of defensive end Lawrence Jackson in the first-round last year. It would hardly be surprising if they chose to go with a defensive tackle in this one.

5. Cleveland Browns- Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State
Previous: Malcolm Jenkins

Cleveland recently unloaded Kellen Winslow to the Bucs, and No. 5 is too high to select any tight end in this year’s group. The Browns will address a need, while also going with the popular pick, by choosing Ohio State’s Malcolm Jenkins. Jenkins ran a poor 40-time at the NFL combine, but many had already speculated that he would play safety rather than corner in the NFL, anyway.

6. Cincinnati Bengals- Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia
Previous: Andre Smith

Andre Smith was originally slotted here, but with each poor pre-draft performance, he appears more likely to play guard in the NFL than tackle. The Bengals will still draft their protection for Carson Palmer, but that person is now Eugene Monroe. As Smith is penalized for a poor work ethic, Monroe reaps the reward, with the increase in stock.

7. Oakland Raiders- Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech
Previous: Michael Crabtree

Assuming the Raiders don’t trade out of the position, Al Davis’ draft trend will stay the course. In 2007, he drafted the biggest quarterback name of the class, Jamarcus Russell. In 2008, he selected the biggest running back name in the group, Darren McFadden. In 2009, he’ll complete the trifecta by adding the most publicized wide receiver to the Roster, Michael Crabtree. Injury concerns? Come on, we’re talking about Al Davis.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars- Michael Oher, OT, Mississippi
Previous: Eugene Monroe

Jack Del Rio is at the end of his coaching rope in Jacksonville. He won’t be granted the time to allow a player to progress and become a force in three years. He needs a safe pick that can be an immediate impact player. By the draft odds, that pick is an offensive lineman, and the player is Michael Oher.

9. Green Bay Packers- Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas
Previous: Brian Orakpo

The Packers are switching to a 3-4 scheme, under new coordinator Dom Capers. They will select Brian Orakpo, a defensive end from Texas, and utilize his talent and athleticism as a stand up pass rusher.

10. San Francisco 49ers- Mark Sanchez, QB, USC
Previous: Mark Sanchez

The City by the bay has gone too long without a respectable quarterback. Since Jeff Garcia exited the franchise in 2003, there’s been little offensive punch. They made a mistake drafting Alex Smith in 2004, and it has yet to be corrected. Smith was actually their second option for the ’04 draft, going with plan "B", after Heisman Trophy winner, Matt Leinart, opted to return to USC for his senior year. This time a Trojan hurler will be available with the 10th selection, and the Niners will sweep him from the board. In doing so, San Francisco, the 6th largest Hispanic community in America, will welcome their new quarterback with open arms.

11. Buffalo Bills- Everette Brown, DE, Florida State
Previous: Brandon Pettigrew

12. Denver Broncos- Rey Maualuga, LB, USC
Previous: Rey Maualuga

13. Washington Redskins- Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State
Previous: Everette Brown

14. New Orleans Saints- Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois
Previous: Vontae Davis

15. Houston Texans- Brian Cushing, LB, USC
Previous: Brian Cushing

16. San Diego Chargers- Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU
Previous: Chris "Beanie" Wells

17. New York Jets- Darius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland
Previous: Darius Heyward-Bey

18. Chicago Bears- William Beatty, OT, Connecticut
Previous: Michael Oher

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri
Previous: Tyson Jackson

20. Detroit Lions- Peria Jerry, DT, Mississippi
Previous: Peria Jerry

21. Philadelphia Eagles- Chris "Beanie" Wells, RB, Ohio State
Previous: William Moore

22. Minnesota Vikings- Percy Harvin, WR, Florida
Previous: Jeremy Maclin

23. New England Patriots- Clay Matthews, LB, USC
Previous: Aaron Maybin

24. Atlanta Falcons- Jared Cook, TE, South Carolina
Previous: Jared Cook

25. Miami Dolphins- Sean Smith, CB, Utah
Previous: Sean Smith

26. Baltimore Ravens- James Laurinaitis, LB, Ohio State
Previous: James Laurinaitis

27. Indianapolis Colts- Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina
Previous: Percy Harvin

28. Philadelphia Eagles- Louis Delmas, S, Western Michigan
Previous: Knowshon Moreno

29. New York Giants- Clint Sintim, LB, Virginia
Previous: Clay Matthews

30. Tennessee Titans- Evander Hood, DT, Missouri
Previous: Evander Hood

31. Arizona Cardinals-Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia
Previous: LeSean McCoy

32. Pittsburgh Steelers- Eben Britton, OT, Arizona
Previous: William Beatty

Patriots deal Matt Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs

The New England Patriots dealt quarterback Matt Cassel to the Chiefs on Saturday. Though many mock drafts had Mark Sanchez penciled to land in Kansas City with the third overall pick, I never saw the possibility or sense in it. Matt Cassel increased his value last season, guiding the Patriots to 11 wins as a replacement for the injured Tom Brady. He was franchise tagged by New England, guaranteeing a litte more than $14 million to play in 2009.

When Scott Pioli took over the decision making in Kansas City, it became more apparent that the Chiefs would not draft a first round quarterback. In all his years in New England's front office, the Patriots quarterbacks were selected in later rounds, including Brady in the 6th and Cassel in the 7th. Last year, Matt Ryan was selected third overall by the Atlanta Falcons, and the quarterback banked more than $35 million in guarantees. Acquiring Cassel appears as a discount, while also gaining a proven quarterback, instead of paying more for an unproven prospect.

There are no current details of the deal, but the franchise tag demands that teams acquiring Matt Cassel give the Patriots 2 first-round picks in return.

Update: The Chiefs received New England's second-round pick in the upcoming draft

Friday, February 27, 2009

Brian Cushing still battling steroid speculation

Depending on whom you ask, Brian Cushing can be described in many ways. I find him easiest to define as a tree trunk with vision and speed. He has the look of physical perfection, a product of many hours and years in the gym. But with every muscle defined, and his prowess on the football field, there has also been rumors and speculation that he was assisted in reaching his physical goals.

I first heard the rumor during Cushing’s freshman year at USC. It wasn’t much, and most took it as outsiders trying to damage the kid from New Jersey by linking him to steroid use. It surfaced and created a slight buzz, but without factual support, it failed to grow legs and travel.

In 2006, it was revealed that USC safety Brandon Ting tested positive for steroid use the prior winter. Brandon and his twin brother had already removed themselves from the team, before the announcement came. But fingers pointed again towards a player on the active roster, and again it was Brian Cushing.

Cushing became the topic of steroid conversations, even while testing clean, with other names testing dirty. He was the big fish with the big body, and some weren’t satisfied with the notion that he was a product of hard work alone. And now with his college career behind him, he finds the speculations and rumors are not. Stepping away from the amateur level, he’s greeted by the same questions on the road to the NFL.

At the recent Scout Combine, an NFL GM that refused to be name, spoke of the possible linkage between Cushing and steroid use. "We’ve been warned it is an issue and might have been one since high school”, he said. “We are considering that. As unpleasant as it is, this is an issue with this player that only a negative test here is going to clear up right now. It’s unfortunate, because no one wants to kill the kid, but the issue is a reality."

Cushing continues to insist he has nothing to hide, pointing out that he has tested clean with every test, yet the rumors continue to fly. All players attending the NFL combine are tested for steroid use. It takes at least two weeks for the final results. Cushing remains very confident that he will test negative, finally putting all rumors to rest. But for the next two weeks, his draft stock remains frozen without movement, as potential employers await the result.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Clay Matthews becomes a first-round name

It’s been quite a journey for Clay Matthews III. Despite his famous bloodline, he’s never been given a free football pass. His father and uncle are captured forever in the history of the school he attends, as both men are members of the USC Athletic Hall of Fame. His uncle, Bruce, also appears in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as a 14-time Pro Bowl selection in a spectacular 19 year career. And after his father, Clay II, completed his time at Southern California, he also went on to appear in 4 Pro Bowls of his own. It’s a lineage of Trojans and success, as the elders paved a trail for the family’s youth to follow.

In 2004, trotting into the same stadium where his family first became household names, the newest Matthews did so without a scholarship, appearing as a walk-on. At this storied NFL football factory, a name has never made a player, but plenty of players were granted the opportunity to make a name. He selected a big school, with an even bigger program, and entered with enormous shoes to fill.

4 years later, he has established that name. Through hard work and dedication, “Matthews” is no longer a name solely reflective of football’s past, quickly becoming a popular name for football’s future. No Trojan has benefited more from the 2008 season than this “elephant” on the outside, and that includes Mark Sanchez.

So much is made of the line formed for quarterbacks and running backs at USC, but often overlooked is the number of linebackers and the shortage of opportunities to get on the field. In Matthews’ first year, the Trojans won a national championship, and among their linebackers were Lofa Tatupu, Matt Grootegoed, and Dallas Sartz. The group was replaced through the years with Keith Rivers, Thomas Williams, Brian Cushing, Kaluka Maiva, and Rey Maualuga. 5 of the 8 were drafted by the NFL, with the remainder appearing as prospects in this year’s class, and two projected in the first round. And thanks to an impressive senior season, Matthews can make it 3.

With the linebacking corps in tact for 2008, Pete Carroll’s staff worked Matthews onto the field, using him as a hybrid. He benefited greatly from his production in two highly publicized early season games, first at Virginia, and then Ohio State. And with the motor still running, he was a constant disruption in opposing backfields, finishing the season with 4.5 sacks and 9 tackles for losses. His name was finally out there, but it’s the occurrences after the scheduled games were complete that allowed that final push.

Matthews made his first impression with NFL scouts at the Senior Bowl. Originally walking in the shadow of Maualuga and Cushing, he left Mobile Alabama sharing the same light. The spotlight intensified at the NFL Scout combine in Indianapolis, where he finished among the top performers at his position.

His name is now being tossed around in discussions involving potential first round picks. Not bad for a former walk-on, huh? His story isn’t much different than his former teammate, Lofa Tatupu, who also came from an NFL bloodline, but played his freshman season as an unknown in Maine, before transferring to USC. Tatupu never reached that first round, likely because he appeared on the scout’s radar too late. In two months, Matthews will learn if he’s also penalized for his tardiness or rewarded for his closing performance. With the USC Pro-Day still to come, I believe Matthews will be off the board before April’s opening round comes to an end. And if not, someone will receive a gift in the second.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lendale White and an alleged Valentine's Day beating

Meeting Lendale White on a football field is likely a violent collision. And according to reports out of Denver, meeting him in traffic can be the same. A Colorado fender bender on February 14th apparently resulted in a heated exchange between the former Trojan and the driver of the other vehicle involved. The allegations claim that pushing and shoving became more violent when White began beating the other man with a belt and buckle. The victim, Leslie Joe Hoch, was treated at an area hospital for wounds suffered in the attack.

No arrests were made, and no charges were filed. After an investigation, the authorities concluded that the evidence contradicts the statements of the report. Both the Tennessee Titans and the NFL are aware of the incident, With Titans coach Jeff Fisher offering no comment. White was said to be in full cooperation with the police, as the investigation moved forward.

White plead guilty to a disturbing the peace charge last year, and is currently on probation.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Combine notes: Maualuga pulls up lame

Rey Maualuga ran a first attempt 4.83 in the scout combine’s 40-yard dash. He never received a second attempt, pulling up lame at the finish, and collapsing to the turf with a tweaked hamstring. Maualuga said it was something that had been bothersome before his arrival to Indianapolis, but didn’t want to make excuses, wanting only to compete with the best. It’s unsure at this point whether he’ll be able to run by USC’s April 1st Pro-Day.

Wake’s Aaron Curry finished with the fastest 40 among linebackers, recording an official 4.56. Clay Matthews checked in at 4.67, as he continues to raise his stock, and Brian Cushing was officially clocked at 4.74. And in case anyone has interest, Ohio State’s linebacker James Laurinaitis ran a 4.8, with Antonio Freeman finishing with a 4.67.

Brian Cushing and Kaluka Maiava, along with OSU’s Freeman, topped all linebackers with 30 bench press reps. Safety Kevin Ellison completed 32 reps to lead all safeties.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

One Trojan creating a combine buzz, but not who you'd think

The NFL combine events have begun, but tight ends were the skill players mostly on Saturday's display. South Carolina's Jared Cook proved to be the superior athlete at the position, displaying a 41" vertical leap and posting an official 4.5 in the 40-yard dash. The big name among tight ends, Brandon Pettigrew of Oklahoma State, performed miserably. His 40 time was in the 4.8 range and he managed just 22 reps in the 225 pound bench press.

Only one USC player peformed, and that was David Buehler. Buehler became a hot topic, as the kicker benched 25 reps and followed by posting a 4.6 in the forty. The 25 reps not only topped Pettigrew, but also many offensive lineman, including Mississippi stud Michael Oher (21).

Rey Maualuga took the podium and talked about slimming down since the Senior Bowl. Rey weighed in at 249, which is 5 pounds shaved from his appearance in Mobile Alabama that drew a lot of criticism. He still appears to be a big favorite among draft analyst, though the consensus is that Wake's Aaron Curry is the top linebacker in the class and should be the first off the board, also having the potential to go No. 1 overall to the Detroit Lions.

Mark Sanchez spent Friday answering questions about the press conference and supposed fallout with Pete Carroll. Mark reassured everyone that his relationship with the coach is just fine, and he had called Carroll that same night to talk about the media spin being put on the press conference and words said. Sanchez reiterated that he will participate in throwing drills, stating that he's a competitor and that's his purpose for being there.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Those other guys crown Utah 2008 football champs

Utah wasn’t completely shutout of championship award ceremonies. has chosen the Mountain West program as their 2008 college football champions. Sure, it won’t be recognized by the gridiron shot-callers, but it just becomes another trophy unrecognized by the NCAA, the organization with the most importance. It adds another piece of hardware to a trash barrel and marks another crowning body on the NCAA “don’t care” list.

The Utes finished as the only undefeated program in America, capping the season with a Sugar Bowl victory over Alabama. Kyle Whittingham was the only voter in the final coaches’ poll to defy contractual obligation and select his team No. 1.

With the NCAA not recognizing any football champions, for the lack of a playoff system, CFT’s prize appears in a heap that includes the AP and Coaches champs. And with those powerful media outlets staking their claim to recognizable crowning rights, Utah’s award is hardly a call for a sudden ticker tape parade. What makes CFT’s award less credible than the others? Maybe it’s age. The AP and Coaches’ poll (formerly UPI) have been selecting champions for years. Some people mistakenly make reference to the “BCS champion”, but the BCS is a made for TV event, and the eventual champion, working through the tripod of equations, is crowned by the members of the coaches’ poll.

The AP made their final guess, and chose the Florida Gators as their champion. The coaches determined that the system guessed correctly in placing 2 teams in a championship game, and also chose the Gators. Now CFT adds to the guessing game, and they’ve chosen the only unbeaten program, possessing a superb season resume, and made them the king of the hill. Congratulations, Utah, though no one will remember this by August or record it anywhere in the annals of college football history.

USC scratched from the Brown list

Bryce Brown isn’t scheduled to make an official announcement of his college choice until March 16, but it’s more clear that he won’t be suited in cardinal and gold. The nation’s top running back prospect, who originally gave a verbal to Miami, allowed signing day to come and go, without signing a letter of intent. He comprised a short list of potential candidates that showed LSU, USC, Miami, Tennessee, and Oregon.

The Trojans can now be scratched from that list, as Brown has canceled his official visit to the Los Angeles campus. Brown’s camp says nothing should be made of it, stating that the Kansas back has visited USC once before. But Carroll and his staff are conceding the loss, based on the cancellation, and wishing him well in the future.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eagles looking to unload Winston Justice

The NFL experience hasn’t been great for Winston Justice. Character issues created a 2006 draft day slide that finally came to a halt with the eagles selecting the big tackle in the second round. He made headlines in his first and only start, but for all the wrong reasons. His debut on September 30, 2007 is noted in the books, as the Giants tied an NFL record with 12 sacks, and Justice surrendering half the total.

He has just 12 career appearances for Philadelphia, eventually being moved from left to right tackle. Now the Eagles are looking to move him off the roster, and will be shopping the former Trojan to anyone with interest. Philly has two picks in this year’s first round of the draft, and the speculation is that they’ll be looking to draft a left tackle with one of those selections.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

An opportune time for Sanchez to elevate his stock

The NFL draft is a touchy situation for quarterback hopefuls. More than any other position, team need stands the greatest determining factor of a young signal caller’s descent. You can appear near the top of a list of prospects for the position, but still inevitably see a sizable gap between the first quarterback taken and your draft selection.

Sanchez is projected as the No. 2 overall quarterback prospect on most mock draft boards, but those same boards have him going late first or early second round. Quarterback is a high risk draft choice, and to guarantee a top 10 overall selection, it would be more comforting to maintain the top prospect ranking.

The NFL Scout combine will allow Sanchez that opportunity. For many scouts, it will be their first up close and personal look at the kid with only 16 collegiate starts. Sanchez also becomes the big name among hurlers, with speculation that Georgia’s Matthew Stafford won’t work out in the upcoming event.

It’s not uncommon for potential first overall selections to skip workouts. Hell, Matt Ryan did it last year, electing to show up for only the measurements and interviews. Regardless, Ryan was still drafted 3rd overall and represented the first quarterback off the board. Texas Tech’s Michael Crabtree has elected not to run the 40 at this year’s combine, citing a nagging ankle injury. And it’s rumored that our own Rey Maualuga will be skipping combine drills, electing to wait for the USC Pro-Day to make his impression.

The lack of experience under center seems to be the greatest concern for scouts evaluating Sanchez. You hear reports of inconsistency when describing Stafford, but never any negatives in reference to the physical tools and game management of USC’s early entrant. The Combine workouts begin on February 18, and Sanchez will be given 7 days to convince everyone that even his lack of experience is worth the draft risk.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

SJ Mock Draft projects Sanchez to Bucs, Maualuga to Denver

Did Sanchez make the right decision to stay or did Pete Carroll have the more realistic view? It all depends on who you talk to and which mock draft you're reading.

The updated Mock at SportsJabber. net projects Mark Sanchez to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It also sends Rey Maualuga to the Jets, and Brian Cushing to the Denver Broncos. Though this mock has Sanchez lower than some, there are others in agreement with Pete Carroll, and the quarterback's name is absent from the first round.

Unlike many mock drafts run by one individual, Sports Jabber has a draft team assembled from all regions of the country. They are the eyes and ears of the nation, and before a prospect is ever postioned on the board, there is an evaluation and group debate. Positions will change several times before April's draft, as we receive results from the NFL Scout Combine and individual Pro-Day workouts. 12 Trojans have been invited to Indianapolis to participate in this year's Combine. Be sure to track the player movement through updates in the draft and Sports Jabber reports.

2009 Sports Jabber Mock Draft (Updated 2/7)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No Te’o, No problem

Manti Te’o would have been an additional charm to the 2009 class of Trojans, but the absence, though somewhat unsettling, isn’t crippling to the structure. USC’s loss became Notre Dame’s gain, and everyone was aware of the possibility. But realistically, as much as Te’o is an outstanding 2009 prospect, he’s a more logical projection for 2011. During the recruiting process, Te’o made it clear that his plan is to embark on a 2 year Mormon mission, when he reaches the age of 19. Unless Charlie Weis suits and places him on the field this fall, the name may not be mentioned again for another two years. In fact, though Weis scored big in pulling one of the top linebackers in the country from Hawaii to South Bend, there’s a chance the hot seat coach may not be around when the time comes to coach him.

The Signing Day crew on ESPN was surprised by Vontez Burfict's decision to de-commit from USC and jump on board with Arizona State. I guess they didn’t have their ears near the grapevine, because it’s been swirling for days that he apparently didn’t have the grades for Southern Cal and would become a Sun Devil. He became the second big hit to Trojan expectations, but all is well.

Randall Carroll selected his hat, and chose to go across town to UCLA. Again, it’s not a problem. Carroll has aspirations of playing wide receiver, and the Trojans contemplated using his services as a corner. The last time a top receiver faced the possibility of conversion, he also chose to attend a rival school. That player was DeSean Jackson, who snubbed the Trojans on Signing Day and chose Cal. In all his greatness, Jackson completed his amateur career without a victory or touchdown against USC.

Signing Day may not leave a satisfying taste in your mouth, but that’s because the majority of the class was already set. The top player in the country, Matt Barkley, was enrolled before signing day ever came along. There were strong verbals from others, which made it less dramatic. Pete Carroll and his staff managed to cash in on some of the top talent in California, while also pulling Starling and Telfort from Florida, and Jarvis Jones from Georgia. Would Te’o and Burfict have been nice additions? Sure, but nevertheless, the Trojans are reloaded and ready to roll.

Fight On!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Matt Cassel is ‘pissed’…literally

Matt Cassel, the former Trojan bench warmer turned NFL superstar quarterback, had a right to be angry on Super Bowl weekend. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the Steelers or Cardinals and any hopes he had for former USC teammates Matt Leinart and Deuce Lutui to earn a championship ring. It also doesn't stem from his Patriots going 11-5 without qualifying for the AFC playoffs or the Pro Bowl snub of a less recognized signal caller coming off an amazing season. His anger stretches far from the lines drawn on a football field, and originates in a line formed for a public bathroom.

The New York Daily News reports that an angry Matt Cassel took offense to a drunken man attempting to cut in line for a restroom. And though he may have won the argument, momentarily, with the 100-proof cutter retreating, the troublemaker quickly returned to the lavatory, where he drained his bladder on Cassel’s leg. Security escorted the drunk out of the building, but Matty, in urine soaked clothing, still had to make his way through a crowd of gatherers at the ESPN bash.

Don’t steam too long, Matt. The expected $14 million you’ll be earning in 2009 should easily erase the memory of Tampa Bay’s golden shower.