Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lendale White and an alleged Valentine's Day beating

Meeting Lendale White on a football field is likely a violent collision. And according to reports out of Denver, meeting him in traffic can be the same. A Colorado fender bender on February 14th apparently resulted in a heated exchange between the former Trojan and the driver of the other vehicle involved. The allegations claim that pushing and shoving became more violent when White began beating the other man with a belt and buckle. The victim, Leslie Joe Hoch, was treated at an area hospital for wounds suffered in the attack.

No arrests were made, and no charges were filed. After an investigation, the authorities concluded that the evidence contradicts the statements of the report. Both the Tennessee Titans and the NFL are aware of the incident, With Titans coach Jeff Fisher offering no comment. White was said to be in full cooperation with the police, as the investigation moved forward.

White plead guilty to a disturbing the peace charge last year, and is currently on probation.

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