Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bold prediction by a Golden Domer

Cierre Wood won’t play a down for Notre Dame until he graduates High School in 2009, but that didn’t stop him from making predictions. Ranked as the top running back prospect in the nation by, Wood has high expectations for the Fighting Irish. Charlie Weis made a bold prediction earlier this year, by announcing that the Dame would win at least 9 games in the upcoming season. As Kevin Garnett says, “Anything is possible”. That may be true, but everything isn't probable. Wood went one step above Weis’ "probability", and gave a future prediction about USC.

“We are going to be good, and Notre Dame will be back. And I guarantee we will beat USC the next three years.”

Beat USC, the next three years? Where does his count begin? In 2008, before his arrival? Why the odd Nostradamus type number? You have 4 years college eligibility, so in which of your years are you predicting defeat? I think Cierre should have started with predictions about the service academies, and then worked his way up to the big boys. Plus, we all know how those high school formulas go. You join a program, win the Heisman, break every collegiate record, and win the national championship every year, without ever losing a game. At least that's how I remember them.

For anyone keeping count, which I certainly am, The Trojans have won the last six against the Irish. I realize that at some point it has to come to an end, but with the way recruiting has gone, I can’t even imagine 3 consecutive losses to the Domers. Yes, anything is possible. But evaluating and comparing the next three years of talent, it’s highly improbable. USC is not on probation, as they were in the 80s.

The current streak of six marks the longest against Notre Dame, since the series began in 1926. Notre Dame enjoyed a streak of 13 consecutive games without a loss to USC, from 1983-1995, playing to a tie in ’94.

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