Monday, July 14, 2008

The best thing to ever crawl out of the swamp

I happened to catch Tim Tebow on ESPN making a pitch for Title Town. Outside of Gainesville, the Heisman Trophy winning QB is hated. But I must admit, he’s very articulate and good in front of a camera. If the NFL isn’t part of his future, broadcasting might be his calling. But then again, maybe it’s surgery or the ministry, seeing that he performed circumcisions and preached the gospel, during a recent trip to the Philippines.

But in keeping all Tebow praise brief, he made a very good pitch for a city that can’t possibly stack up to Los Angeles. And as he made this pitch, I kept wondering why we had Tommy Lasorda as the Los Angeles salesman for our segment. I love Tommy Lasorda, and he’s forever Dodger Blue. But honestly, the man couldn’t sell me a glass of water in the middle of the desert. And he definitely couldn’t sell me a meal, knowing that his restaurant was shutdown for rat infestation. Was Vin Scully not available? There was so much to sell, but Tommy was stuck on Kirk Gibson’s homerun being the greatest achievement in L.A sports history. It was voted as such, by a Los Angeles magazine. But seriously, it wasn't.

Anyway, back to the Gators. Tim Tebow had the honor of sharing his moment in the Title Town spotlight with ESPN’s own Erin Andrews. Now, I know I may catch hell for this, but Andrews is the best thing that ever crawled out of the swamp. Fans of the Dallas Cowboys would curse me, knowing that the Swamp gave them Emmit Smith, who just happens to be the NFL’s all time leading rusher. Bears fans may thank me, wishing they could drag Rex Grossman back to Gainesville. But for me, and maybe all the members of the SEC who piss on Florida, it’s Erin Andrews, without a doubt.

One last thought. Isn’t it amazing how a business suit can hide jugs like that?

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