Monday, July 7, 2008

Eyes On A Foe: What the Duck?!?!

I never thought I’d envy the University of Oregon, but then I found out the rah rah girls have their own televised show. In the Pacific Northwest, Comcast airs a half hour series called “The cheerleaders of Oregon”. And for anyone without knowledge of the Oregon cheerleading squad, trust me, this is “must-see” TV. Call me shallow, but the Ducks squad is definitely among the top 5 in the nation, in terms of attractiveness. Hell, one of the best parts of the Oregon game day experience is watching those girls shake their pom poms on the sidelines.

Oh, I also have other news about the Ducks, so I’ll just touch on it with a Monday “Six-Pac”:

Oregon Ducks- One of the biggest questions coming out of Eugene is who will replace Dennis Dixon. Nate Costa has recovered from his knee injury, and would look to be the front runner. Is that a good thing? He pressed Dixon for the position last year, but really stunk up the place before getting hurt. Nate Roper led the Ducks to the devastation of South Florida in the bowl game, throwing 4 TD passes. Costa had the ducks on the bad side of a shutout (against UCLA), for the first time in 20 years. The choice should be logical, but it won’t be.

(Inserting another Duckie here)

Arizona State- QB Rudy Carpenter appears on the awards watch list. Why? In the last couple of years, he’s proved to be more mouth than skill. I could defend him, by saying his offensive line has been one of the worst in the country, but I won’t. I still remember his comments from 2 years ago, saying that USC wasn’t even the best team in the Pac 10. Six straight Pac 10 titles, Rudy! Please tell me who has been better.

Arizona- A quarterback being overlooked nationally, and in the Pac 10, is ‘Zona’s Willie Tuitama. Willie has matured immensely in the Sonny Dykes offense. If the line can protect, the Pac will be witnessing a full-fledged offensive attack, similar to the system Sonny coached at Texas Tech. Expect big numbers from Tuitama, and the Trojan trip to the desert in 2008 may be a possible trap game, so look out. No one needs Tuitama to succeed more than Mike Stoops and his blazing saddle. It’s a do or die year for Mike, and I think they will “do”.

Washington- Speaking of blazing saddles, Ty Willingham is at the end of his rope, and his future is also pending on the performance of his QB. Jake Locker is already receiving all the media accolades, touted as God’s gift to football. Is it any wonder that he’s targeted by opponents?

California- In just a matter of 7 months, the Bears have changed their uniforms. It’s pretty amazing, when you consider their local tree sitters haven’t changed their clothes or underwear in over a year. New uniforms, but it’s the same team. I would hardly call that a bargain.

Stanford- I don't have sh*t to say about the Cardinal. Some wounds take a little longer to heal.

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