Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brady Quinn is umm…busy on Sundays

The need for an NFL rookie salary cap is a hot issue, and I can’t find an argument against one. But there’s another that no one seems to talk about, and they also have a history of handing over large sums of money to the unproven.

Corporate America will latch on to players entering a draft, already looking to sell products with their names and faces. Sometimes it works out great, as LeBron James is a marketing phenomenon. But other times, well, let’s just say Adidas would love to beat Sebastian Telfair with a size 12 sneaker.

But what happens when you find a name, and begin to market the face, without ever acknowledging the players game status? The answer is easy. Your marketing project becomes the butt of jokes, and believe me, I won’t hold back.

Sure, that’s a fabulous Brady Quinn commercial, up until he says he’s “busy on Sundays”. The next shot should show Brady working the concession stands at Browns stadium.

How about making it more realistic? For instance, selling clipboards for Staples would be perfect. The Snickers commercial also comes to mind….”Not going anywhere for a while?” And let's not forget the, "Wanna get away?", from Southwest Airlines. If Subway felt Quinn was a “must have” name and face, at least use his lack of activity accordingly. The absolute truth is, the cheerleaders and referees are more physically active on NFL Sundays, and the low calorie Subway diet keeps him from ballooning to 300 pounds on the bench. Let's market that!

I guess you take the good with the bad in any endorsement deal. He’ll have to endure all the jokes, until he finally gets on the field. But at the same time, he did make a pretty Penny.

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Anonymous said...

nothing like starting off the day with a good laugh at Brady Quinn