Friday, August 1, 2008

Off Topic: Many arrives; knows nothing about Dodgers

Manny Ramirez made his arrival in Los Angeles today and addressed the press. One thing he quickly learned is that he’ll fit right in, with this city having a very large Latino community. Just as quickly as the press conference began, is how quickly he started to take questions and give answers in Spanish. But based on some things said, Ramirez doesn’t know the Dodgers or this city.

When asked about his jersey number (99), Manny said he wasn’t sure why he was given that one, and that he requested No. 34 and doesn’t know what happened. What he obviously doesn’t know is that the No. 34 was worn by Dodger pitching legend Fernando Valenzuela. Manny was also asked about the city in general, and he claimed he’s only been here once for a Spring training game. I would take that as the record breaking attendance game played earlier this year in the Los Angeles coliseum between the Sox and Dodgers, in commemoration of the Dodgers’ 50 years in Los Angeles. But of course, that can’t be the only time he’s been here. Hello! The American League Angels play in this town. Sure, they technically play in Anaheim, but that’s like calling teams the Auburn Hills Pistons, Irving Cowboys, and the old Inglewood Lakers. They are the “Los Angeles” Angels of Anaheim.

One thing Manny does know about the Dodgers and Dodgers stadium is the dynamics and its notoriety of being a pitcher’s ballpark. He told the press not to expect him to be launching 40 homeruns out of this new stadium, as he did in Fenway Park. But anyone already in L.A, and knowing the Dodgers and their stadium, already know this as the obvious.

Welcome to L.A., Manny. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of the place.

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