Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DOH-mer Of The Week- Proud as a P’Cock

I’d like to begin this by saying, due to the blatant censorship by the Chinese government, as much as I’d like to give a DOH-mer to Chinese rower Zhiang Liang for showing up at the wrong location and at the wrong time, which cost the Chinese two medals, I can’t. Apparently we aren’t allowed to dishonor their countrymen or their nation. Well, at least not until the Olympics are over…I don't understand why we can't show China for what it is or why Chris Collinsworth is an Olympic analyst. I'm irked by both.

Despite the censorship, NBC is cashing in on Beijing. Ratings are soaring, as they play the role of puppet. Events are aired worldwide, and they continue to focus on the beauty and hospitality of China. It doesn’t matter that an American tourist was killed over the weekend, because by Tuesday it was all hushed. On with the beautification, despite the tragedy of an obvious targeted killing. On any other day, let's criticize China for their lack of freedoms, history of cover ups, and bad politics. But when there’s money to be made, and for two weeks of the summer, let us then become China.

China is noted for the manufacturing and display of fireworks. Knowing this, they give us fake pyrotechnics during the opening ceremonies, which NBC airs as a real occurrence. For purposes of dramatics, along with keeping the American public watching and waiting, Did NBC also alter the order of countries in the opening parade, pushing the United States back, and bringing others forward? Since the countries enter in alphabetical order, it would be an obvious alteration. Wouldn’t it? Take a look at the photograph of the two adorable little girls below:

The girl on the left was told she was too ugly to sing at the opening ceremonies. But because of her great voice, the girl on the right (who couldn’t hold a damn note if she wanted to) lip-synched to the words of the first girl, all captured by NBC. Apply a little make-up to each girl, and suddenly they are transformed from 7 year olds and into 16 year old Chinese gymnasts. If the Chinese government says they are 16, and they have official government documents saying they are 16, then you know damn well they are 16. Would the Chinese government ever lie to you?

Moving along, George Bush and Vladimir Putin are suddenly fans of Olympic sports? Are you buying that? NBC is selling it. They’ve captured George Bush everywhere, not once mentioning his true purpose in China. It’s not about Olympiads. It’s about capitalism, and looking to profit from the booming Chinese economy. Say it for what it is, and stop trying to tell me our president traveled half way around the world because he’s a f**king fan of women’s beach volleyball. General Motors sells twice as many automobiles in China than they do in America. The vehicles aren’t even imported. They are manufactured in the country, from their own GM plants. The presence of Bush, Putin, and any other world leaders in Beijing isn’t about sport. It’s about cashing in on a crop that has been growing wild for the past 12 years…and somehow Chris Collinsworth is an Olympic analyst.

And aside from the politics, what about the programming? Don’t put the word “live” in the corner of my screen, when it’s not. I’m not stupid enough to fall for it, seeing that people are blogging about the results before you even air the damn event. And as for my local NBC news, you must think we are all f**king idiots or you’re extremely arrogant, to continue with the annoying announcement that states, “If you don’t want to see the results, then turn your heads from the screen now”. Unless you live in a cave, it’s impossible to not know Olympic results. And to think that you are the only one carrying those results and a simple head turn will keep from spoiling the ending is a joke. This isn’t Government run television. People have other sources of news. You 'cocks control the video feeds, but you don't have results under lock and key. Do you think Michael phelps ignores the scoreboard, and looks over at an NBC employee for the official results? Or better yet, maybe he turns his head, to not spoil the ending.

50 million viewers on the West coast miss out on early events that were purposely scheduled in China to give us something “live”. The east coast can watch the Mens basketball team play live. On the west coast, the games air one hour after the event is complete. More basketball aired today, with the same routine. Why? Who is the DOH-mer that figured people out west wouldn’t get up at 7 in the morning to watch, but somehow they can watch at 10 a.m….from WORK! Wouldn’t it be more logical to air it live, and people can watch as they prepare for work, than to air it tape delayed, at a time of day when the working man can’t watch? Why am I watching synchro diving, while the east coast is watching Phelps go for another gold? Why don’t we get the English translation for anything Bella Karoli has to say? Why is Chris Collinsworth a f**king Olympic analyst?

And finally, on a serious note, the cameras had no problem showing protest against the United States’ occupation of Iraq during the 2004 Olympics in Athens. Not only will NBC comply with the Chinese government, by not showing any protests against the nation, but they also avoid any conversations about it. Free press? Not a chance. The media is controlled by ratings, and what can be generated by them. Everyone looks to profit somehow and in someway, but when you willfully strip yourself of one of America’s longstanding freedoms to give “Americans” coverage of “American” athletes, you’re not truly acting as an “American”, are you? NBC has shown that corporate greed is greater than the freedoms Americans have fought and died for. Instead of telling the Chinese to go f**k themselves, the ‘cocks got on their knees and kissed their asses. The pen is mightier than the sword, but even a child knows paper covers rock. Someone is getting their paper...and a DOH-mer to go with it.

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