Monday, August 18, 2008

Another injury for Joe McKnight

Well, it isn’t the swarm of locusts as foreseen, but nonetheless, another key player is knocked out of import practice sessions. How bad has the offseason been for sophomore running back Joe McKnight? Academic issues knocked him out in the Spring, he struggled with an ankle, he was a victim of jock itch irritation, and had 2 fingers slammed in a dorm door. It’s not over. Let’s open the first aid kit again, and put Joe’s arm in a sling, after suffering a hyperextended elbow in Saturday’s scrimmage.

The McKnight news isn’t as bad as many may believe. If it’s one thing the Trojans have it’s plenty of legs to run the ball. A bright spot is offensive lineman Alex Parsons returning to practice. The sooner those bodies return up front and begin to mesh, the better for the offense.

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