Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Virginia showing no signs of anything

No one really knows what to expect when the Trojans travel east to play the Virginia cavaliers. But there’s one thing that’s certain, you won’t be seeing any of those clever homemade signs made on poster board that bear disgust for the opponent, praise for the home team, or a message asking mom and dad to send money. The University of Virginia has banned all signs from sporting events.

The school always had rules in place regarding the display and content of those homemade originals, but the decision appears to be based on an incident last year, and a sign that read “Fire Groh”. It fell under the rule of “offensive” and was confiscated from a student. You can say all you want about the opponent, but in the eyes of Virginia, it’s despicable to trample your program's coach. Some feel the ruling tramples on constitutional rights of free speech, but as any student of the law can tell you, as told by the Supreme Court, “freedom of speech is not absolute”.

In other news out of the Old Dominion State, UVa’s defensive coordinator, Bob Pruett, has been linked to Violations at Marshall. It’s funny how I can know what fans aren’t allowed to do during a game and what a coach did 7 years ago, but I still have no idea who Virginia’s quarterback will be tomorrow.

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