Saturday, August 2, 2008

No Side Stepping: Bush ruling leaves door open for NCAA

A San Diego Superior Court Judge has ruled against arbitration in the Reggie Bush lawsuit. The ruling will send the case to court and leave the door open for the NCAA to gather any evidence to support improper benefits received by Bush while at USC, and any knowledge of those benefits by the Trojans Athletic department. Arbitration acts as a closed door affair, which brings conclusion to a disagreement without public knowledge, where trial is submitted evidence, under oath, accessible to the general public.

A key figure in the trial will be Michael Michaels, the former business partner of Lloyd Lake. Lake brought the suit, but Michaels has remained silent. Michaels previously agreed to a $200,000 settlement with the Bush family, but unlike Lake, isn’t looking to cash in on the sudden media publicity. Appearing as the most credible witness, the NCAA will have heavy interest in anything Michaels will have to say on the stand.

The show is set to begin again later this month, and pushing into early September. Bush lawyers have the right to appeal the latest ruling, which they more likely to do.

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