Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bruins have a message for Los Angeles…and actually paid for it

The Trojans have some upcoming business to handle in Virginia, but apparently the rivals across town are already focused on a game in December. Yes, above is an ad run in today's Los Angeles Times, which seems to be Rick Neuheisel and his gutty little Bruins sounding their arrival, as if they've retaken the City.

First of all, congratulations for admitting that USC has dominated this town, and you’ve spent years playing the role of the ugly step-sister. Secondly, Norm Chow won’t make a single pass, Dwayne Walker won’t make a tackle, and Rick Neuheisel won’t use his foot to boot any game winning field goals. Great coaching staff, but same players from last year, so I’d say the ad is premature. And finally, be bigger and stronger before you decide to stand up to the bully. Until then, just continue to hand over your lunch money. You know the routine.

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