Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pearlman arrived today!

Well, he didn’t physically arrive, but a quick check of my mailbox revealed a package containing an autographed copy of Jeff Pearlman’s book. I’ve become quite a Pearlman fan, as would be most aspiring writers. The book I received today is “Love me, Hate me”, a biographical look at Barry Bonds, and I expect to be digging into these pages soon.

It shouldn’t be long before I’m ready to turn the pages on his newest release, “Boys will be boys”, which places the Cowboys of the 1990s under a microscope, giving the public a look at the antics and egos of the players beneath the uniforms. Anyone interested in an opportunity to win an autograph copy of this new release can go to Pearlman’s blog here, and provide the best answer to his question. The question alone is a reflection of his personality.

I wonder if I can talk him into scribbling words and binding a book about USC football and the personalities of the Pete Carroll era? It would sell, wouldn’t it? Los Angeles, 6th largest economy in the world, and no NFL franchise, plus the fact that so many people have hate that they can’t help reading anything that may outline a “dirty program”. But the most likely case is any book about college football would begin with Notre Dame. After all, from a media stance, don’t we all take a second seat to the Fighting Irish?

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Chef Jimmie said...

I have been spending some time on Jeffs Blog..he has a great personality, and I am looking to pick up both books that you wrote of. Although I'm not much of a write, Jeff has inspired me to do my own blog, something I thought I could never do.