Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hey, do you remember Natalie Nelson? Okay, outside of the USC campus the name won’t readily ring a bell. But what if I said the short skirt wearing, sweater filling, pom-pom shaking blonde pictured in the above photo? Now we’re getting closer, right? Natalie, on looks alone, could be the poster child of USC Song Girls. Mention the letters “U-S-C” accompanied by the words cheerleaders or song girls, and most would gather a mental picture of the blonde beauty that is Natalie Nelson. But nationally, Natalie is most remembered for this:

Okay, now I’ll ask it again. Do you remember Natalie Nelson, the Song Girl that gained national notoriety for cheering for the wrong team in the 2006 BCS National championship game? Ohhh yeah, right? Yes, that girl. For about a good six month period, Natalie was probably the most photoshopped person on the internet, with users placing her cheering image at historic events like the Rodney King beating and Kennedy assassination. The girl couldn’t get a break, but damn, she’s still hot.

I started wondering whatever happened to her. I always follow Trojans after they leave school and enter the NFL, so what the hell, why not check in on a hot rah rah girl? While at USC, I was always under the impression that she was dating Trojans linebacker Dallas Sartz, who was recently signed off waivers by the Seattle Seahawks. She may have dated him for awhile, but it isn’t who she married.

Natalie is now married to Carolina Panthers center Ryan Kalil, another Trojan, and former teammate of Dallas Sartz. The Panthers chose Kalil in the second round of the 2007 NFL draft. The love connection ensures that both Trojans will appear on the sidelines or in the seats at future USC games, because the newlyweds continue to have a connection through family. Lori Nelson, the mother of Natalie, is the USC Song Girls coach, a position held for years, with her also being a former ass shaker at USC. One of the top players of the 2008 Trojans draft class is Matt Kalil, the younger brother of Ryan, and the top ranked offensive line prospect in the country.

Bush gets Kardashian. Leinart gets Brynn Cameron and some groupies in an Arizona hot tub, and Ryan Kalil gets Natalie Nelson. Who would have thought? Advantage Kalil, easily…and best of luck to them both.

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maximuscaligula said...

Natalie was hot of course, she was also one of the daughters of USC Song Girl coach Nelson. Anyways, the whole cheering for the wrong team thing was blown out of proportion. Whatever they do it doesn't matter, The well-endowed, busty, bosomy, large-breasted USC Song Girls in their custom-made form-fitting, figure-flattering, bosom-accentuating, bust-enhancing, super-tight, white, ribbed turtleneck sweaters with the letters U-S-C stenciled over their perfect, massive, milk-filled tits can do no wrong anyways. Don't you rememeber 2003/2004's busty sweater queen Song Girl Sarah Carmona?