Friday, June 20, 2008

Why is Leinart stuck in the hot tub?

Is there a reason why sportswriters across America can’t discuss Matt Leinart and Arizona’s training camp without giving a mention of the hot tub photos? Each article appears to bring us back to the scene of a supposed “hideous crime”, though there is nothing criminal or hideous about sitting in a hot tub with sexy females. What is it that casts this incident in such a negative light that USA Today reporter, Larry Weisman, writes:

“That photo in the hot with the young ladies? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.”

What the hell is so wrong about it? Why is the media so intrigued by this hot tub, and not so critical about photos of a drunk Vince Young dancing shirtless in a room full of guys that are also shirtless? That one raises my eyebrow. With the media reporting, there would be no foul if Leinart was sharing the tub with guys, but it’s become some horrible act to share with girls.

J.J Arrington is arrested for disorderly conduct, and we’re still talking about a hot tub in Arizona? It appears that Leinart’s QB battle with the soon to be 37 year old Kurt Warner will be easier than repairing his image. Though, as a male, I see nothing even close to damaging or needing of repair. Call me immoral or strange, but wet females are something I enjoy very much. And until TUI (Tubbing under the influence) becomes a crime, Leinart has done nothing wrong, wrong, wrong.

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