Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Marshawn Needs An Alibi

I’m not going on record as saying former Cal running back and current Buffalo Bill, Marshawn Lynch, struck a pedestrian with his Porsche and fled the scene, but until he meets with authorities, it sure does look that way.

The incident occurred on Saturday, and authorities are growing impatient with Lynch’s lack of response. What they know is that the vehicle that struck a pedestrian and fled is registered to Marshawn Lynch. They also know the vehicle was found in Lynch’s driveway, 2 hours after the incident. Being that thieves don’t make a habit of returning stolen vehicles to their place of origin, speculation is that Lynch was either operating the vehicle or knows who the driver was.

4 days later, with the story appearing in national news, and Marshawn still hasn’t appeared to say anything. It’s never good to make assumptions, but it does make you wonder, especially if you remember this exhibition of driving, following the 2006 UW vs. Cal game:

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