Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Eyes On A Foe: Show Us Your Beavers

The Oregon State football program no longer features the names Derek Anderson, Steven Jackson, Chad Johnson or T.J. Houshmandzadeh. But for some odd reason, the networks still think they can be sold nationally. 8 of the Beavers 12 games for the upcoming 2008 season will be on national television.

Maybe the nation has a desire to see “what’s his face” run the offense, and “what’s his name” carrying the ball. Wide Receiver Sammy stroughter is somewhat of a household name, but he made more news for battling depression than battling any gameday cornerbacks. It’s not that the Beavers are a bad team, but my curiosity stems from the program being virtually unknown on the national stage. It’s hard to imagine television execs saying “Here’s some money, now give us Oregon State.”

Versus will carry 4 of those games, and the Beavers should be the greater opponent in at least 3, considering the lineup is Utah, Washington, Arizona, and Oregon. The Oregon game represents the state “Civil War” rivalry, which has local drawing power, but outside of the state of Oregon, most couldn’t give a damn.

ESPN/ABC will carry the Beavers against Penn State, USC, and Stanford, with another game to be determined.

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