Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Making a pitch for Alyssa Milano

I remember when Barry Zito, then of the Oakland A’s, paraded the USC football sidelines with Alyssa Milano on his arm. He was bringing his new girl to his old home, and I thought, “Wow! That guy is pretty special.” But just the other day, while scrolling through random news, I came across an article listing celebrities with athletes. When I clicked on the category of “baseball”, Alyssa’s name came up 3 times, for 3 different guys. It turns out that Barry wasn’t so special. He was just a baseball player. And to be more specific, he was a pitcher.

It appears that Alyssa has a fetish for diamond hurlers, and I can only dream of tossing balls her way. Along with Zito, she’s also been linked to Brad Penny and Carl Pavano. That list would make some label her a baseball player groupie. But for Milano, it doesn’t stop with just a love for the players, she has a solid love for the game. She even has her own MLB baseball blog. Well, that’s if it’s really her creating the entries.

Some other names from the article caught my eye. For instance, Tony Romo, don’t feel special. You’re not the first quarterback connected to Jessica Simpson. Saints back up Kliff Kingsbury was linked to Jess, back when she was filming “Dukes of Hazard”. Yes, Kingsbury. This is bad news for Cowboys fans, because it says Tony doesn’t have to motivate himself to be a star QB or starter to keep his girl. A no name back up is suffice. Plus, anyone that ever watched “Newlyweds” is aware that Jessica doesn’t know sh*t about football. But how can Nick Lachey feel? He spent his time trying to teach her the game, and now she owns a piece of it.

The most hilarious thing about the article is that it has the sports categorized, ranging from the major sports to MMA and even surfing. But despite the listing, Derek Jeter has his own category. You have “NFL, MLB, NBA, and Derek Jeter.” The notches in his belt are high quality. And if resurrection follows my death, Hopefully I get to be Derek in my next life.

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