Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why Hate On Boston When The Gators Are More Worthy

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2007 has been a hatefest for the Boston area. Well, not if you live there, but everywhere outside the shamrock, baked beans, Paul Revere riding city. The Red Sox are world champions (again), the Patriots are undefeated and pointed in that Superbowl direction (again), and the Celtics have come alive to be a force in the NBA. And for just a moment, it seemed like the Boston College Eagles were going to work their way into the college football championship game. They fell off. Thank God! Boston has had so much recent sports success that we might as well rename it the “city of champions”. That alone will bring the hate, since no one would willingly admit their town is inferior to anyone. But why stop at Boston, when Florida has a little something going on of their own?

Boston may have several trophies grouped under one city, but as a single entity, no one has had more success than the Florida Gators. Florida is your current back to back defending college basketball champions. They are also your current college football champions. And to add insult to injury, they picked up the most prestigious award in college sports, with Tim Tebow grabbing the Heisman trophy. Why no hate for the swamp chompers? I guess if you look at the Marlins, Devil Rays, Dolphins, and some others, the laughter keeps us from bringing hate to the entire State. At least the Gators stink on a baseball diamond, leaving something for the folks out west to boast.

The Lady Trojans just won the college soccer championship. Does that count towards anything? Eh, I’ll mark it down as a point for USC. Take it where you can get it, right?

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Ray said...

I'll hate the Gators pick me pick me!!!