Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Homewrecker Arrives

The not so mighty Bruins have made it official, Rick Neuheisel is their new coach. It's a welcome home party for Rick, who was a Bruin quarterback and Rose Bowl victor. Rick's arrival will mean all eyes will now be on the Bruins. Looking at his past coaching positions in the college ranks, he coached both Colorado and Washington, lifting both to the top of their conferences. But although there was that great ascent, both programs eventually became riddled with NCAA investigations. The Buffaloes sank into mediocrity, once Neuheisel accepted the position in Washington, and the Huskies hit rock bottom, after Rick's gambling escapades hit the front pages and led to his firing.

Now he's across town, and if he's smart, his first order of business should be securing Dwayne Walker as the defensive coordinator, and not reconnecting with his 1980s bookie.

Here's wishing you the worst of luck, Rick. Fight On!

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