Tuesday, December 25, 2007

4 More Years


“With the 1st pick in the 2008 NFL draft……”

It doesn’t matter which year it is or even which pick it may be, but when we finally hear those words, we face the realization that our favorite college programs will be missing key components to the gridiron war machine. If you’re lucky, you’ll get four years out of a great one. But all too often, when money calls, rosters fall, and you’re left with the task of plugging in a new piece.

With a quick glance across the country, I can see LSU losing Early Doucet, Glenn Dorsey, and Ali Highsmith. I see a Michigan future without Hart, Henne, and Long. No more Woodson in Kentucky. No more Brohm in Louisville. Dixon limps away from Eugene, Ellis and Rivers will leave vacancies at Southern Cal, and Brennan will take flight from his island paradise. It sure would be nice to have 4 more years, but this isn't the NFL, and we have no franchise players.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you had a fabulous freshman or super sophomore, and will cruise into ’08 with little worries. Georgia maintains their diamond in the RUFF, as Knowshon Moreno can’t escape for another 2 years. Tebow gives Florida another solid outlook for the future. And then you have McFadden, Laurinaitis, and a host of juniors looking for Sunday employment. They’ll jump at the wealth, while nearly crippling the teams left behind.

But what if you had one chance, just one single shot to pull an existing player from any 2008 college roster and add that person to your team. Who would it be? Would you even want anyone or be satisfied in trying to rebuild through high school recruitment? After watching a team’s performance, there has to be one player at a key position that you may feel is the difference between a program going undefeated and participating in the title game or losing close matches and watching it.

With my loyalty to the Trojans of USC, my choice is fairly simple. The Trojans are ready to plug in some 5 star players to replace what they’ll lose defensively, but their struggles have been a result of the inefficiency in the passing game, mainly with the pool of receivers. Yes, John David Booty couldn’t hit a receiver deep and in stride, but at the same time the receiving corps was a total disappointment. Nothing supports my argument more than the tight end, Fred Davis, being the team’s leading receiver in 2007.

So while everyone else is scrambling to nab Tim Tebow, Knowshon Moreno or even Kevin Smith of UCF, my choice is none of the three. For the Trojans, I pick Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech. Is there a better choice for USC?

If you could choose a player from any 2008 college roster, which would you add to your college team?

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