Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mother Knows Best

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The domino effect caused by a coaching change is something to witness. It’s pretty amazing how you remove one piece and the rest begin to fall with a “click, click, click.” What began with Ole Miss firing Ed Orgeron has now created ripples, with the effects reaching the professional level. Ole Miss cans Orgeron (click), Houston Nutt steps down from Arkansas (click), Ole Miss hires Houston Nutt (click), Arkansas hires Bobby Petrino (click), and the Falcons now have the next move. Orgeron to Atlanta? Nah. Don’t click that one.

But coaching changes will also bring decisions for not only NFL GMs and College athletic directors, but also for players planning on attending a certain school based on the system. If you’re uncommitted and that change occurs, it’s simple, just pick another. If you are committed, just bolt. But what if you left one program for another, and the one you left just provided a make over that is better than your current situation?

This is exactly what happened to Mitch Mustain. Some of the Atlanta Falcons expressed their resentment of the Petrino leap. I’m sure there’s a lot of despise in Louisville, who became the first victim of Pet’s abandonment. But I wonder how Mitch must feel, since he transferred from Arkansas to USC, to play in a potent passing offense?

College rule 1: Don’t let your mommy speak for you.

Not only is it embarrassing, but it makes it harder to get chicks, if you’re mom is treating you like a little boy on national television. Mrs. Mustain (Beck Campbell) attacked Arkansas and coach Nutt, wanting more playing time for her son. After all, he started 6 games for the Hogs, as a freshman, winning all 6 before being benched. No waiting in the Mustain household. Three choices, Mitch plays, Nutt goes, or we go (as if she was suiting up in pads). She didn’t win. Nutt stayed with Dick (no pun intended), and Mitch packed his bags and headed west to be a Trojan.

College rule 2: Don’t bring mom along to your new location.

Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, Mommy Mustain hit the media again, voicing the pleasure of having her son in an opportunity to play in a Lane Kiffin offense. But unfortunate for the “Whine” family, Lane Kiffin departed for Oakland to be the lead man of the Raiders. No big deal, Sark is still here. But so far, under Steve Sarkisian, The Trojans have the appearance of a more run dominant team. Too bad Mitch, but you can always practice your hand offs.

College rule 3: You can never go home again.

When spring rolls around, Mitch Mustain will be battling Mark Sanchez for the starting position at USC. The boy has some skills, so I like his chances. But Mustain would have been a sure fit for a Bobby Petrino type offense that will now be running in Arkansas. I have very little doubt he would have beaten out Casey Dick, and could possibly be a starring QB in the SEC, under Petrino. He would have been to the Hogs what Brohm is to the Cards. But oh well, mother knows best. Right?

College rule 4: If the madwoman reappears in the media, just stick to your orphan story. Chicks dig that one.

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