Thursday, December 20, 2007

So Close Yet So Far

Our annual fashion show ended two weeks ago, and the 2007 winner is Southern Wear. Not to anyone's surprise, Florida's Tim Tebow took home the award. With the record breaking numbers he posted on the season, it's a little hard not to give him a first place vote. But though his numbers won him the prize, my choice for the most outstanding player in college football is Darren McFadden, for the second year in a row.

There's no player with a bigger target on his back than McFadden. Tebow works from a spread, with the object being to confuse defensive pursuit, freeing running lanes or creating ease in the passing game. There is no confusion in Arkansas. McFadden on the field, McFadden gets the ball. Even so, he still remains productive, facing 7 and 8 in the box, with each snap of the ball. But DMC shouldn't hang his head low, because Jason White has one of those stiff armers, and have you seen him on any NFL highlight reels lately? How about EVER? Just move on to the next level, as Vince young did, and that college trophy is quickly forgotten. Ok, I lied. Vince still burns over not winning the Heisman, but I think the pain subsides after substantial period of playing in the NFL, like maybe 10 years.

Aside from McFadden, how is Dennis Dixon feeling. Sore knee, and maybe some sore feelings towards the Heisman committee? Once he was injured, it was certain he wouldn't win it. How can you win a fashion show without modeling the goods? But couldn't the kid at least get an invite? You go from Heisman front runner to not worthy of an invitation in a three week period? Colt Brennan missed games, but he went to New York. And guess what, in games missed, Brennan's Hawaii Warriors won without him. With Dixon's injury, the Ducks fell faster than a pair of panties on Paris Hilton. Oregon's last 3 games proved how outstanding, and how valuable Dixon was to his team. There is no plug in player for the Oregon leader. It's Dixon or Bust. The Ducks' offense is busted.

Should McFadden stick around to be an unappreciated three time loser? Hell no. Move on to the next fashion show, where money is the prize.

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