Saturday, December 29, 2007

Beavers Get One

The Pac 10 finally put a "W" on the board, as the Oregon State Beavers continued their bowl winning ways, topping Maryland by a score of 21-14. This game featured 3 storylines, the running of Oregon State's Bernard, the Beavers defense, and the Pac 10 avoiding embarassment.

The nation finally got a glimpse of NFL prospect Yvenson Bernard. Once a Pac 10 secret, Bernard is now out in the open. In this battle of who could accumulate the most turnovers, Bernard was the offensive star, running around and through the Terps for 177 yards. With speculation surrounding the rust on his legs, after finally coming back from injury, I think Bernard gave an affirmative answer.

Another Pac 10 secret was revealed on Friday night. The Beavers play great defense. USC has the most celebrated defense in the conference, but the Beavers just slapped Maryland with the realization that they've got a pretty good unit of their own. The Terps struggled to move the ball all night, positioning the turnover happy Beavers for the victory.

It was embarassing enough to see UCLA defeated by a Mountain West squad, then to see the Texas dominance over Arizona State. But if the Pac's No. 3 team would have lost to the ACC's No. 8, we would be burying our heads in shame. We've saved ourselves....for now.

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