Thursday, December 27, 2007

Big Mack Attack

The Holiday bowl is now complete, and this Big 12/Pac 10 match proved to be no contest. The Scumdevils of Arizona State decided to end their season by further proving to everyone that they were frauds. The Devils received so much praise for an 8-0 start on the season, before heading into the teeth of their schedule. They climbed into the nation's top 10, before eventually suffering losses to USC and Oregon. In other words, the scumdevils lost to the best teams they played. And to finalize the label of "fraud", tonight they ended the season by allowing the Texas Longhorns to hang 52 points on the board, as the horns cruised to a 52-35 victory.

Under Mack Brown, Texas is now 7-3 in bowl games, winning 4 straight. Credit Brown for again having his team prepared, and while we're at it, less also credit the big mouth of Rudy Carpenter for antagonizing statements about the Longhorns before the game. Longhorn players and fans took it upon themselves to remind Carpenter of his statements, with the chant of "RUDY" coming from the Texas sideline and in the bleachers.

It's Dejavu for the Pac 10, who now opens this bowl season as they did the last, going 0-2. Just as last year, UCLA and Arizona State laid eggs, with Oregon following to make it an 0-3 start. But the Pac managed to rebound in their last 3 to finish even. Oregon, Cal, Oregon State, and USC are up next, so we'll have to see how that works out.

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