Sunday, May 11, 2008

Will The Real 'USC' Please Stand Up?

As if there wasn’t enough debate between Southern California and South Carolina over which is the real “USC”, a third party now enters the discussion. Well, at least they’re making an attempt to be recognized, and the University out west has them frozen in the headlights.

In Utah, the high school formerly known as Woodland Hills has taken on the name Utah Southvalley Community High School, using “USC” for short. The letters alone won’t hold much importance, but also take into consideration that the school’s nickname is “Trojans”. Are the Southern Cal faithful flattered? If you are, let’s take it a step farther. The school’s colors are now cardinal and gold, and the logo is displayed below.

The interlocking letters bring and end to flattery, and a possible beginning to a lawsuit. The private school’s owner claims it isn’t a rip off, but a reflection of his ancestry, claiming to have lineage to Priam, the ancient ruler of Troy. Even if he did, which I doubt he can prove, it doesn’t give reason to the obvious cloning of the West coast institute. Their basketball team even went as far as adopting the black uniforms Southern Cal will wear from time to time, and complete with the exact cardinal lettering. Coincidental? I doubt it.

There are plenty of High Schools named Notre Dame. I once lived just around the corner from the one in Sherman Oaks California, which produced current Raider Justin Fargas and American Idol Katharine McPhee. Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks has a football team that mirrors Notre Dame of South Bend, with Golden helmets, blue jerseys, and the “ND” we’re accustomed to seeing on NBC Fall Saturdays. But for the sake of avoiding complete replication, the school’s nickname is “Knights”.

This new USC in Utah has no current plans to change, so any alterations would be by the order of the courts. And as for the debate between the other USC, South Carolina was founded in 1801, while Southern California appeared in 1880. You may think being 79 years the elder would give the Gamecocks the edge and rights to “USC”, but they were originally founded as South Carolina College (SCC). The name changed several times, before finally settling with “University of South Carolina” in 1887. The only change that came out west was the nickname, going from the “Fighting Methodists” to the “Trojans”, but “USC” has been a constant for 128 years. Still, the debate will always rage on, until one institution possibly takes the Ohio State route and places emphasis on “THE”. “tUSC”? Nah. I’m really not feeling that.

You say “USC”, and I think “Fight On”. And now that I think of it, I wonder if USC High School in Utah has coined that phrase, as well. If they haven’t already, I’m sure they will. Because after reading about the school’s owner, he may claim it was the battle cry of ancient Troy, and even provide recordings as proof.

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Ray said...

OMG It does lok a great deal like the USC logo wow that's just weird. im not flattered. maybe he's a huge fan LOL