Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Sun Devils Suddenly Have Morals?

I find it extremely funny that Arizona State is threatening to ban their cheer squad from the sidelines. I use the word “threatening’, because I won’t believe it until I see it. It’s ludicrous to believe they’ve suddenly developed morals. And it’s even more ridiculous to believe this upcoming ban stems from the internet photo (posted above) displaying cheerleaders in their bras and panties.

Joe Francis, and his film crew (Girls Gone Wild), spend so much time in Tempe Arizona that they might as well enroll and register for classes. Thanks to this entrepreneur turned millionaire, ASU is more known for T & A than anything they could possibly achieve in academics or athletics. You can search the entire internet for collegiate rankings in all categories, but you won’t find the Sun Devils in the top 10, until the list reflects “hottest co-eds”.

And then there’s the issue of the picture, itself. I fail to see what’s so terribly wrong, where it would warrant a complete ban. If it were bathing suits, instead of undergarments, would the photo be more tasteful? Both garments cover the same areas, and show just as much skin, so honestly, what’s the difference? Maybe it’s the “hands on hips” that brought forth the ban. You think? Former Louisville cheerleader, Becca Manns, was kicked off her squad for masturbation photos displayed on the internet. This is hardly on that level.

A former Trojan Volleyball player, Lisa Love, is the Vice President of ASU athletics, and the one making this call. She spent her career around song girls in sweaters, so maybe showing any skin above the wrist is over the top. In my opinion, It’s petty, and a rush to judgment. If I were on the ASU staff, I doubt I would vote for a ban, and would probably follow the procedure of viewing said photo, enlarging said photo, printing said photo, and displaying said photo on my bedroom wall. And finally, concluding with a big “thumbs up” to the girls, and issuing a warning to be careful where they post their pictures, along with the whole “you represent Arizona State University” spiel.

Besides, just because we won’t see them on the ASU sideline, doesn’t mean we’ll never see them again:

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