Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Arthur Blank needs his head examined

After reading reports of Matt Ryan’s newly acquired $72 million dollar deal, I can only imagine that somewhere in a federal penitentiary, and just across the Oakland Bay Bridge, former Falcons Michael Vick and DeAngelo Hall released a burst, somewhere along the lines of “Are you sh*@ting me?” Atlanta’s Arthur Blank has signed an unproven rookie quarterback to a contract that exceeds the amounts of Tom Brady and Tony Romo.

If you’re Michael Vick, and you’ve ever wondered if you would ever be a dirty bird again, this presumably answers your question with “no”. If you’re DeAngelo Hall, wondering if the Falcons wanted you to continue to prove your worth, before receiving an increase, or if they simply didn’t like you, I think you can go ahead and choose the latter.

Combining two Boston College educations (Tom Condon and Matt Ryan), and coupling that with a gullible spendthrift (Arthur Blank), the end result is a happy and wealthy rookie, and some very angry veterans across the NFL. If the welcome wagon was rolled into Falcons training camp for Ryan, I’m sure it’s suddenly been tipped on its side.

Nothing personal against Matt Ryan, but this deal wows me. This one deal, more than any other, reveals the need for a rookie salary cap. The trickle down effect will land deep in NFL pockets. Some may have felt safe with their draft positions on the 2008 board, feeling they could reasonably sign their selections, but now the message is clear, and regardless of where you sat in that first round, you’re going to pay a hefty price for it. Ryan, the No. 3 overall pick is getting $72 million. What will Darren McFadden want, as No. 4 overall? Tomlinson money?

Note to commissioner and players union: Rookie salary cap discussions should begin within the next 10 minutes.

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