Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mayo, coming to an arena and bookstore near you

It’s not surprising that the next chapter in the life of O.J. Mayo will feature many chapters about his stay at USC. O.J’s former confidant, Louis Johnson, is preparing a “tell all” book for publication, with a release date set for the tail end of 2008. The book is expected to net Johnson an easy 6 figures.

It’s apparent that the man with the inside info is looking to be the man with the money, which is what sparked this ordeal in the first place. Anyone watching him on ESPN’s “Outside the lines” could see a man more driven by jealousy and anger, for not being the fat wallet man that Rodney Guillory was, and coming with an attitude of “if I’m not getting paid, I’ll make sure you all pay, in one way or another”.

Well, that payday is now on the horizon. Johnson’s lips have been sealed, since originally breaking the story. Now you’ll have to pry his mouth open with hundred dollar bills. Now, instead of a network relaying his story, and cashing in on its worth, Johnson will bypass the middle man and reap the profits on his own.

Although I believe he has much truth to speak, I also believe this rush to profit may hurt his credibility. It doesn’t look like a man eager to expose a ring of corruption, as much as he looks like a man in a hurry to enjoy some of the finer things in life. If it’s all about doing what’s right, the rat starts squealing when the first dollar is spent, and not after an alleged $200,000 are dropped in the bucket. But receiving $200,000 in money and gifts is definitely more book worthy than passing a buck.

I can easily say I wouldn’t spend a dime on this soon to be publication, but I know my own curiosity, and I will add to Johnson’s profits. Hopefully, it’s a paperback, and not a hard cover.

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