Thursday, January 17, 2008

USC Is Fielding 3 Top NFL Prospects For '09

With Rey Maualuga returning to USC for his senior season, the NFL is left salavating over 3 Trojan talents to be available in the 2009 draft. Rey's stock was incredibly high after the Rose Bowl, and would have been a sure first round pick, and possibly the first linebacker chosen in this year's upcoming draft. Now he'll be given another year under his belt, and will most likely challenge Ohio State's James Laurinaitis for the top linebacker ranking in 2009. Laurinitis and Maualuga will square off on September 13th, as the Trojans will welcome the Ohio State Buckeyes to the coliseum.

Along with Maualuga, his fellow linebacker, Brian Cushing, should emerge as a first round pick in 2009. Slowed by injuries in 2007, Cushing wasn't the headliner he was in 2006, which was capped with his Rose Bowl defensive MVP award. A sure first round choice for this year wasn't even eligible. Sophmore Taylor Mays plays a safety position that's pretty damn dry in this year's draft class. Mays will have the option to enter next year, and the NFL will finally have a quality safety on the board, if Mays chooses to go.

Those projected NFL first rounders will be accompanied by the new faces of Chris Galippo and Everson Griffen, 2 young Trojans with enough talent to make them possible first round prospects for 2011.

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