Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Trojans Already One Up On Chow

In the midst of all my worries about UCLA's new offensive genius (Norm Chow) robbing USC for talent in days to come, the Trojans have quelled some of those worries. Matt Barkley, the top QB prospect for 2009, announced his commitment to Pete Carroll and the Southern Cal Trojans. The 6'4, 222 lbs, quarterback from Mater Dei, gave USC a jump start in the '09 recruiting, while also representing an offseason victory over rivals seeking the same talent. The announcement came as somewhat of a surprise, as recent reports stated Barkeley talked to UCLA, after the announced hiring of Norm Chow.

Hopefully Barkley can follow in the footsteps of former greats from his high school, which are Heisman Winner Matt Leinart, Heisman finalist Colt Brennan, and Notre Dame's John Huarte.

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