Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Junior Snubs UCLA

Ken Norton Jr. will be remain the linebacker coach at USC. He either, didn't like what the cash the Bruins were offering or is a complete Trojan convert, proclaiming his love for USC football. But Neuheisel isn't finished with his list of Trojans past and present. Apparently he has contacted Norm Chow to inform him of UCLA's interest in him joining their staff. Norm is still apparently shocked over his firing in Tennessee. I can't imagine him playing second fiddle to Rick Neuheisel, when clearly Chow is the better of the two. The Titans are left with a $2 million buy out of Chow's contract, which gives him the leisure of spending quality time with his family, until he's approached for another head coaching position in college, which shouldn't take long.

Upon his hiring, Neuheisel has now approached 2 members that were critical to Pete Carroll's success at USC. What more does Ricky have to do to get under Pete's skin? Maybe he'll be looking to interview the USC tight end coach next, who just happens to be Brennan Carroll, the son of Pete.

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