Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Here We Go Again

We might as well get used to it. Anytime there is an end of season job opening in the NFL, GMs will come gunning for Pete Carroll. It doesn't even feel like the offseason, if this isn't happening. Typically, The Trojans always lose someone from their great coaching staff, and UCLA has already targeted Ken Norton Jr. (Hopefully he won't return to his alma mater). But as much as I hate to see coaches move on, the most nerve racking is waiting for Pete Carroll to finally blow off a new hunter.

I'm not sure what kind of interest Pete would have in Atlanta. They've offered him autonomy, which was the Dolphins' offer last year, and still Pete turned down Miami. The Falcons are in shambles, and their newly hired coach from the college ranks abandoned them to return to the amateur game. The Redskins are another team rumored to have interest in Carroll. The skins offer a better block for building, but Pete doesn't strike me as the D.C type of guy. After turning down the Chargers, Raiders, and Niners here in Cali, I can't imagine Carroll accepting one of those east coast gigs. I think it all depends on what's being offered. Hell, everyone can be made an offer that can't be refused. It also depends on the measure of boredom. If he feels he's accomplished everything possible at USC, and has become bored with the same routine, I can see him leaving just for a challenge.

His USC salary is undisclosed, but despite not knowing the numbers, hopefully Pete will look beyond the dollar signs and realize he is the King of Los Angeles.

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