Tuesday, January 1, 2008

This Carr Had One Last Lap

Of all the storylines, there couldn't have been a more fitting ending for the Capital One Bowl. It wasn't so much that the game featured the defending champion Florida Gators and their Heisman trophy winner, but the focus on a Michigan coaching staff and their last hoorah. If you listened to the everyday opinions, the Big 10 doesn't have the speed to match the SEC, and the Wolverines have been embarrassed by the spread offense twice already this year. Many gave Florida the victory, including myself, before Michigan even stepped on the field. But it didn't work out that way, and the Wolverines made fools of us all.

Never have I seen a team so well prepared for a game, and it seems like ages since I've witnessed a Michigan offense run with such precision. Henne and Hart toyed with the gators, executing play after play with little defense. Despite the 4 turnovers that kept Florida from suffering a blowout embarrassment, not once did the Wolverines lose their poise or confidence. The defense remained on the prowl, giving a full 60 minutes on the field, without let up. And when the last tick expired, Lloyd Carr had been vindicated, and Michigan could look to a scoreboard that showed them as the 41-35 winner over the speedy SEC and defending National Champions.

There's in no better ending for the coaching rollercoaster we've come to know as "Lloyd Carr". He dedicated years to the program, and completed the job, when he could have easily walked away. Despite being forced out, he showed his loyalty to the players, fans, and administration he loves. He gave them an early National Championship, and a late victory they can be proud of. Farewell to you Lloyd. And thank you for the consistent show of class, no matter how murky the waters became.

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B.A.M. said...

Very well said. As a die hard Michigan fan, and a supporter of Lloyd, its great to see some respect being paid to a man who truly was a great coach and better leader of young men.

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