Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Titans Deviate From The Norm

In a move that I find shocking, the Tennessee Titans fired offensive coordinator Norm Chow. I guess the reasoning behind this is the Titans wanting Vince Young to be transformed overnight into an NFL elite quarterback. Young's progression has been slower than the Tennessee expectations, and they've placed fault on the man designated to teach him. It appears that ownership didn't want to point fingers at themselves for selecting Vince Young 3rd overall in the 2006 draft, so they instead fingered Chow, who wanted Matt Leinart.

Before the firing, Chow had interviewed for some college jobs, and his name was still being tossed around by UCLA. Nick Saban and Alabama also have interest in the offensive wizardry of Chow, since the announcement of his firing. I'd much rather see Chow in Tuscaloosa than in Westwood. In a perfect world, he would return to USC to develop the new corps of receivers ready to take the field. But in this less than perfect world, there's no way in hell that happens.

I'm not sure if UCLA would invest that kind of money in an offensive coordinator, but I know Bama would. If Alabama would happen to land Norm Chow, all I can say is, "Look out SEC!".

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