Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Time To Dump The Darlings

Will the media ever dump the darlings for Michael Beasley? If a powerful performance against the second ranked Jayhawks isn’t enough, then I don’t know what is. It took an upset victory, and the snapping of a 24 year home win streak against his Wildcats for Mr. Beasley to even make the ESPN highlights. It’s one thing, if he played beyond himself for one game against a team in the national spotlight, but he didn’t do anything he hasn’t done all season.

The college player of the year award is much like the college football fashion show we’ve come to know as the “Heisman Trophy”. The favorite isn’t a reflection of their overall individual performance on the court, but has a lot to do with the performance and ranking of the team. Those players most televised and playing in more premiere games are going to be the first names to roll off your tongue. This doesn’t make them the most impressive or most impact players in the nation, it just makes them the most watched.

North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough, UCLA’s Kevin Love, Indiana’s Eric Gordon, and a host of other players for highly ranked teams get the sportscenter highlights and all the accolade, and then you’ll probably hear an analyst say “and don’t forget about that guy at Kansas State”. If he didn’t make your daily highlight reel, then you’ve already forgot about him. His numbers are obviously not that important to you, if his team doesn’t have a number in the top 10.

The 6’9 Wildcats forward is 4th in the nation in scoring, and first in rebounding. Can I get some highlights? You want to point your cameras at programs and their players, but how about aiming at a player that's making a program? Why not show me the future first round pick In the 2008 NBA draft? Why not dump some of your media darlings on the back pages, to make more room for Michael Beasley, the best college basketball has to offer this season?

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