Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DOH-mer Of The Week- Clash Of The Titans

We’ve had a week of Vince Young’s near nervous breakdown, with just about everyone coming out to speak in his behalf before he finally gave statements of his own, which in short said, “Everything’s cool with me.” Who am I to say things aren’t cool, despite what our media sources are making it out to be? He’s not even my DOH-mer, because I don’t know the facts of the situation, but he did face the embarrassment of an important lesson that went unlearned. Every male should know, once you reach adulthood, you should never allow your mommy to speak for you. It’s even worse when you play a contact sport against grown men trying with all their might to bring you pain, and your mom is using the media as her canvas and painting you as a b*tch. And for all you mothers out there reading this, take note. I know you spend the majority of your lives running to the defense of your little ones, but the last thing they need in their adult lives is a new crop of “Yo Momma” jokes generated by you and hurled in their direction.

My DOH-mer is even bigger than that story, because he helped create it. If you go back to the 2006 draft class, the Titans, picking in the third spot, had a choice of future quarterbacks for the franchise. The coaching staff didn’t want a quarterback from a one read passing offense, with a Wonderlic score equal to Karl’s of “Slingblade”. But the owner, Bud Adams, being a Houston man chose the hometown boy and put him in those Tennessee blues.

Now, before the Longhorns’ fans start jumping out of their seats with their “HOOK’EM”, and start talking about his “offensive rookie of the year” award, allow me to give a one word description. BULLSH**! Sure, he broke a rookie rushing record for quarterbacks that had stood since 1969, but the forward pass has come a long way since then. Yes, he took over the quarterbacking duties and his Titans went 8-5 in that stretch, but it appears the defense was the anchor to the ship. And yes, he made it to the Pro Bowl, by filling in for an injured Philip Rivers. How does a QB with a 66.7 passer rating get to Hawaii? That number ranked him 31st in the league, and only 31 QBs qualified for the ranking. That’s artificial excellence, which never lasts long. If you don’t believe me, ask the once cheered Rex Grossman about how short lived that excellence can be when your team underachieves. There honestly wasn't much to choose from in the 2006 offensive rookie class. It's not like anyone was giving an Adrian Peterson type performance.

The Titans made the wrong selection, and it didn’t stop there. There were other options. And though Matt Leinart is riding pine in Arizona behind a former NFL and Superbowl MVP, the difference is that Leinart would do anything to get on the field, while Young allegedly wants to get off. Being a franchise in Tennessee, where Vanderbilt just happens to be located, how could you not pick Jay Cutler? NFL scouts raved about him, and they were obviously correct. Cutler is the best quarterback of the 2006 draft class, and he's from your own backyard.

After the first f*** up, it got worse. With Young still not adapting to NFL defenses, the Titans were left with a choice, and they chose to fire offensive guru Norm Chow and make him the scapegoat. Chow has a successful track record of NFL quarterback production, but somehow that was overlooked, since Vince still couldn’t pick up a blitz or read coverage, and only think about those “French fried taters”. Then we hear the news about the police spending a couple of hours last week looking for the quarterback. But in Tennessee, coaches and fans have been in search of one for about 3 years now.

My DOH-mer now has a dilemma, the same as the management in San Francisco. He’s invested a ton of money in a franchise quarterback, but the franchise is moving on without him. If Kerry Collins is successful in the upcoming weeks, do you dare bench him when Young is healthy enough to return? Well, Collins is from Lebanon Pennsylvania and not Houston Texas….so, maybe?

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