Sunday, September 7, 2008

Buckeyes booted to No. 5

This Saturday’s anticipated meeting between USC and Ohio State already had an early billing of a top 3 match up, with some even speculating that by game time it would be 1 versus 2. Well, the coaches have already put their stamp on things, and Ohio State has fallen to No. 5 in the nation, receiving just one first place vote. The Trojans strengthen their position at the top, with 34 first place votes.

The Buckeyes’ dismal showing against Ohio can be credited to their descent. With Heisman Candidate Chris Wells sidelined with a foot injury, Ohio State struggled before finally holding off the Bobcats for a 26-14 victory. Both Oklahoma and Florida leapfrogged to positions 3 and 4, with impressive victories over Cincinnati and Miami.

Ready for the first of my weekly poll rips? Despite Illinois losing last week, they remained in the coaches’ poll. The Illini posted a win this week, and they were dumped. Why is that? East Carolina and their upset specials finally make an appearance at No. 20.

USA Today's Coaches' poll

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