Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rearview: Feeling a little UPSET?

What began on Thursday, continued to roll through the weekend. If Oregon State was the Hurricane that struck USC two days ago, it was downgraded to a tropical depression that rolled across the country to wash away several clean slates. It’s called the “upset”, and when the dust settled on Week 5, there were a total of 7 teams among the nation’s top 25 that became victims.

Oregon State over No. 1 USC
No. 8 Alabama over No. 3 Georgia
Ole Miss over No. 4 Florida
Michigan over No. 9 Wisconsin
Navy over No. 18 Wake Forest
Maryland over No. 20 Clemson
Houston over No. 23 East Carolina


Alabama looks scary good. Don’t they? Just take a look at what they just did. They went into Athens, against a very good program, and didn’t just play between the hedges, but owned the field. There are plenty of people that don’t like Nick Saban, especially in the SEC, but you can’t deny his football genius, and his ability to turn programs around in a hurry.


Houston Nutt may be criticized for rarely raising a program to elite status, but if it’s one thing he’s good for, it’s a signature upset. Be it Arkansas over LSU in 2007 or Ole Miss over Florida today, the Nutt is always good for one weekend of giant killing.


The East Carolina Pirates came out of the box with consecutive victories over ranked opponents, which gave them a national ranking. The Pirates have now lost consecutive games to unranked opponents, after barely escaping unranked Tulane in week 3. It's time to take a closer look at their early opponents, and a more distant glance at possible greatness.


-On this upset weekend, 3 of the nation’s top 4 teams met defeat.

-Ole Miss snapped a 9 game SEC losing streak by beating the Gators in the swamp, where Florida had won 21 of its last 22 games.

-1994 was the last time Wisconsin won a game at Michigan. And this weekend, marking the 500th game played in the Big House, the Badgers failed again.

-Navy’s upset of Wake Forest marks the Midshipmen’s 1st victory over a ranked opponent in 23 years.

-Toppling UCLA gives Fresno State’s Pat Hill 14 victories this century over BCS opponents, more than any other mid-major program.

-For the first time in 46 years, Northwestern is 5-0.

-Duke snapped a 25 game ACC losing streak with their victory over Virginia.

-Houston’s upset of East Carolina marked their 1st victory over a ranked opponent in 12 years.

-Against a stout Georgia defense, Bama scored on their first 5 possessions.


Texas- It’s time to start talking about the Horns.
Penn State- Possibly has just one Buckeye obstacle in their way.
Auburn- Who needs an offense?
SEC West- the better division in the conference?
Maryland- And to think we laughed at this team.
Nebraska- more work to do
Arkansas- knowing Petrino’s history, let’s list him as a “flight risk”
Notre Dame- found their offense?
Washington State- Puke!
Georgia- props to the “no quit” attitude
Utah- remember them? They are ranked, ya know?
Oklahoma- Number 1
Week 5- absolutely crazy!

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