Monday, February 25, 2008

Little Hands On This Booty

John David Booty continues to take his hits at the Combine. With Quarterbacks such as Joe Flacco, Josh Johnson, and Kevin O' Connel continue to express scouts with either size, athleticism or both, statistically Booty isn't what the NFL wants to see in a quarterback.

JD's measurements weren't a big concern, until they measured his hands. He measured a size 8, which is considered extremely small for a quarterback. Maybe that explains the many fumbles on the exchange from center or the fact that the ball often got away from him on passes. Booty ran a 4.82 forty, which is faster than Brian Brohm and Kyle Wright, but a lot slower than Josh Johnson's 4.55.

Keith Rivers is skipping combine events because of an ankle injury he sustained in combine preparation. He's hoping to heal in time to display his talents at the USC pro day. Scouts are high on Rivers, and he's projected as a top 10 pick, possibly reuniting with Reggie Bush on the Saints. Ellis continues to gather the attention, as his combine performance has been nothing less than brilliant.

Cal's Desean Jackson shocked scouts when he measured shorter and lighter than listed. No shocker to the people here in Southern Cal, because we've always known he was a runt. But Jackson made up for the jaw dropping measurements by posting an impressive 4.35 forty, tops at the combine.

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