Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Croyle Ranks Booty 79th On Top Prospects List

Nationally known NFL scout, Frank Croyle, has listed John David Booty as the 79th overall prospect in the 2008 draft class. I'm not exactly sure how Booty managed to fall without giving us anything to look at since the senior bowl. After the week in Mobile, Croyle ranked JD as the 5th best passer in the class, one above Deleware's Joe Flacco. But looking at his new figures today, he has Flacco as the 61st best prospect overall, which is 18 spots above Booty.

It's been a while since I've seen a Trojan signal caller so low on a talent chart. I guess you get spoiled by Heisman Trophy winning quarterbacks, like Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart. But maybe this will finally end all uncalled for comparisons that seemed to immediately greet Booty behind center. J.D. Booty was never in the same class as the 2 quarterbacks before him, regardless of the media hype that surrounded his every move. A better comparison would be Matt Cassell, and JD may be following that same path, since I don't see him ever being an NFL franchise QB, but more of a lifelong backup on an NFL roster.

Sedrick Ellis and Keith Rivers are two Trojans that appear in Croyle's top 10, with a total of 7 appearing in his top 100. Rivers and Ellis also represent the only Pac players in the top ten, with Oregon's Jonathan Stewart ranking 11th. 3 of the top 10 prospects, Chris Long, Matt Ryan, and Kenny Phillips, represent the ACC, which may appear as a shocker to SEC superiority snobs who only find McFadden and Dorsey representing their conference in the first ten. But when you realize the majority of current players on NFL rosters represent the ACC, it just proves the consistency of NFL talent in that conference.

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