Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rick Neuheisel Gives USC The Keys To The House

Pete Carroll and the new shot caller in Westwood, Rick Neuheisel, have agreed on both teams wearing their home jerseys for the next crosstown rivalry game. It's not surprising that they would want a throwback game, considering Carroll has always requested it, and Neuheisel played on those UCLA squads that shared the coliseum with USC.

But though it has good intention, and is a long time coming, they still don't have it right. The original purpose for both programs wearing home attire was because both shared the same home field. When the Bruins and Trojans both called the coliseum home, it wasn't much of an oddity to see each uniform representing the home team. But the game these coaches agreed on will be played in December, and in the Rose Bowl. What's the significance of both teams wearing home jerseys in the Rose Bowl? The historic venue has always been USC's home away from home for postseason games, but it was never the official home of the Trojans. If you want a throwback game, with both teams wearing home uniforms, then that game should be played in the coliseum, where it holds the significance.

And why are the Bruins submissive enough to allow any opponent to claim the Rose Bowl as their home, if even for just a day? Defending their house was the only thing the Bruins had left, with the popularity of the football program dwindling in recent years. Now they don't have anything to call their own. In December, it won't be "your house", because it becomes "our house".

Let's thank Rick Neuheisel for telling the rest of the nation what people in L.A have known for a long time. The Bruins lease the Rose Bowl, but the Trojans own the joint.

Fight On!

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