Monday, February 18, 2008

Black Out Leaves Trojans In The Dark

Even before The Trojans clad themselves in the black uniforms, and fans sported black T-shirts and hoodies, a dark cloud had already come over Southern California. Word of Daniel Hackett possibly missing the remainder of the season with back surgery already dimmed the lights on a team that had the potential to make a great March run.

Hosting the Bruins on Sunday night, USC went hobbling in with a missing star, and the Bruins came running out, with a healthy Mbah A Moute taking the court for the first time in a week. The Bruins controlled the game from beginning to end, as the Trojans racked up 22 turnovers, with O.J Mayo committing 10 alone, while scoring only 4 points. And though the game was close, you can only wonder what could have been.

UCLA was superior for 40 minutes, but the gap between the two programs has definitely decreased. Under Floyd, USC is no longer the walk over game. Floyd has a legitimate Pac 10 contender, and despite the loss of Hackett, the Trojans should make a lot of noise in the Pac 10 tournament.

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