Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SHHH...Bush is the NFL leader in touchdowns

Through the first 6 weeks of the season, Reggie Bush leads the league in touchdowns. His 8 trips to the end zone have come by way of rushing (2), receiving (3), and punt returns (3). On Sunday, he tied Arizona’s Anquan Boldin for the fastest to reach 200 receptions, doing it in his first 34 games. Bush is currently 9th in the league in receiving, and 1st in receiving yards after the catch. Two weeks ago, new technology showed Reggie Bushed clocked at 22 mph on a punt return. That same technology clocked Jamaica’s Usain Bolt at 23 mph during his world record 100-meters sprint, and that’s without pads.

Last night's Monday night game featured 3 Trojans in action. Steve Smith caught 9 passes for 94 yards in the Giants' road loss to the Cleveland Browns. The ageless Willie McGinest recorded just one tackle for the Browns, but Eric Wright picked off an Eli Manning pass, squashing a late red zone drive, and returned it 94 yards for a touchdown. Wright completed his collegiate career at UNLV, but was the starting cornerback on the 2004 USC National Championship team.

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